Offering substance abuse and mental health individual and group therapy, our clinicians work to make an individualized treatment plan to meet the client's needs. Outpatient sites offer: group therapy, individual therapy, DUI treatment, mental health evaluations, and substance abuse evaluations.

We offer outpatient services in Boulder, Longmont, Golden, Westminster, and Colorado Springs (coming June 1).


BTS has multiple sites across the state of Colorado that provide Level II Education, Track A-D DUI Therapy, and Level II 4+ Therapy for DUI charges. We offer DUI services in: Boulder, Longmont, Golden, and Westminster.

Map of Locations for Outpatient and DUI Services:

STIRT / Residential Treatment

BTS is the proud provider of the STIRT program in Jefferson County. STIRT is a 3 week intensive inpatient treatment program for people involved in the criminal justice system. To be referred to STIRT, please speak to your probation officer, parole officer, and community corrections case manager.

In addition to STIRT, BTS collaborates with ICCS and is housed in four community corrections sites across Colorado. BTS provides co-occurring (mental health and substance abuse) treatment for clients within community corrections. 

If you have been accepted to the STIRT program, please report to the following sites on your intake day:

Men's STIRT Program: 1651 Kendall St Lakewood, CO (ICCS)

Women's STIRT Program: 11500 W Security Ave Lakewood, CO (ICCS)

Specialized Programs

​Providing contracted services for counties and other government agencies is an important part of BTS services. BTS is an Approved Treatment Provider (ATP) with the state of Colorado.

Some of our specialized programs include:


Jail Based Behavioral Health Services are offered by BTS in the Jefferson and Boulder county jails in collaboration with other community agencies. JBBS clients begin therapy in county jail with a clinician and are provided with reentry and follow up services upon release from custody.

If someone you know is incarcerated and interested in this program, please have them contact us via kite in the jail.

Court Liaison (Bridges) Program​

BTS provides court liaison services for Adams, Jefferson, Gilpin, Clear Creek, El Paso, and Park Counties. BTS has 7 court liaisons committed to serving participants that are currently facing competency related issues with their legal proceedings.​

If you or someone you know is currently facing competency related issues, please speak to your legal team about submitting a court order referral to Bridges.

Outpatient Competency Restoration​

BTS is now offering Competency Restoration Services in Colorado! BTS offers Competency Restoration in Golden, Westminster, Boulder, Longmont, and Colorado Springs (starting June 1). If you or someone you know is interested in Outpatient Competency Restoration, please speak to your competency evaluator or the Office of Behavioral Health to be referred to an Outpatient Restoration Agency. If you have been referred to Outpatient Restoration with BTS and are attempting to contact your Educator, please fill our the "contact us" form on our website and we will direct your message to the Educator.​

Other Services​

If you are seeking other mental health or addiction recovery services, please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your treatment need!