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COVID Protocols

Updated: December 2021

Universal Policies

  • All clients and staff are required to wear masks at all BTS service locations.

  • No in-person services are offered if client and/or staff member is experiencing cold/flu/COVID similar symptoms.

  • If staff and/or client test positive for COVID-19, they cannot return to the office or for in-person services until isolation period is over, they are symptom-free, and show negative COVID test results.

  • Enhanced daily cleaning protocols and hygiene practices at all locations.

  • Masks available for any clients or staff that do not have one on them upon entering a BTS service location.

Residential protocols: 

  • All clients tested for COVID-19 at intake/admission into facility.

  • Daily temperature and symptom checks for clients.

  • Rapid testing available at any time, if warranted.

  • Quarantine and isolation rooms & protocols available if direct exposure or positive test results.

  • All clients and staff required to wear masks at all times in group settings and where physical distancing is not possible.

  • Plexi-glass has been installed in all office spaces where possible.

  • Enhanced hygiene cleaning including industrial anti-bacterial fogging of offices, day rooms, and group rooms.

  • BTS follows CDC guidelines for congregate care settings.

  • BTS follows all BHA guidelines for treatment provision in residential setting.

  • Telehealth treatment services available, if needed and when clinically appropriate.

  • Staff must stay home if they have any cold/flu symptoms and cannot return to work in the facilities until negative COVID test results are submitted.

Outpatient protocols:

  • We are offering both telehealth and in-person services for individual therapy and groups

  • Telehealth services are offered for holiday and inclement weather days.

  • Intakes/evals are all in-person unless client requests telehealth due to appropriate circumstances related to COVID (must be requested in advance and up to discretion of staff).

  • Masks are required of all clients and staff in group settings and where physical distancing is not possible.

  • Plexi-glass installed around reception desk areas.

  • Temperature screening of every client and staff upon arrival to office.

  • COVID-19 BHA screening questionnaires are utilized at every intake.

  • Any client who reports a direct exposure and/or tests positive for COVID-19 will be offered telehealth appointments alternatively until it is safe for them to resume in-person services.

  • BTS follows all other CDC guidelines for outpatient behavioral health settings.

  • BTS follows all BHA guidelines for treatment provision in outpatient settings, including the use of telehealth services as alternate form of service delivery in the event of outbreaks, high-risk client populations, etc.

Jail-based protocols:

  • As a contractor with Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Boulder County Sheriff's Office, BTS staff working in our jail-based programs are required to follow all county jail protocols and guideliness for service delivery, testing, and vaccination status 

Court-based protocols

  • As a contractor with the 1st, 4th, 5th, 11th, and 17th JD's for the Bridges Program (Court Liaisons), BTS staff working with this program are required to follow all judicial district protocols and guidelines for service delivery, testing, and vaccination status.

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