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COVID-19 has been rough on our community. As we continue to navigate the difficulties that COVID has presented, mental health and recovery need extra attention. Learn about our COVID-19 safety protocols and telehealth here:

Who We Are

About Us

The mission of Behavioral Treatment Services is to provide quality treatment services to people in need, and to enhance the health and well being of our community.

Behavioral Treatment Services was founded in March of 2014, after working as Intervention Clinical Services for almost 10 years. Starting out, BTS provided treatment for community corrections sites and alternative sentencing programs for criminal justice involved individuals. In January 2015, BTS acquired the Center for Change in Boulder and Longmont (now known as the BTS BoLo sites). BTS is an OBH (Office of Behavioral Health) licensed agency and approved Medicaid provider. BTS offers services at 3 outpatient sites. BTS partners with 2 local jails and 4 local community corrections sites to provide services. BTS runs 2 short term residential programs in Jefferson County. BTS also offers court referred services through state run programs (Bridges/Outpatient Restoration) for 7 counties in Colorado.


BTS was founded to provide quality clinical services to the community. BTS primarily hires Master’s level clinicians with specific training in addictions, mental health, and  criminal justice issues.  With over 50 staff, BTS provides a range of clinical services to the community. We strive to challenge and engage our clients to examine behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in order to effect desired change.






Currently handling an issue that you would like to talk through? Want to learn more about individual and group sessions? Struggling with mental health, addiction, or just looking to talk?



We offer a range of residential treatment options for individuals currently in community corrections or under probation/parole supervision. For more info, click here:

Forest Road

DUI Education and Treatment

Need to enroll in DUI Education or Treatment? Interested in learning more about Interlock Enhancement Counseling?


Court Liaison

& Competency Services

Are you required to complete competency restoration services?

Do you want to know more about the Bridges' Program in Colorado (SB 18-251)?



DUI 4+ Treatment and Services

Do you need to complete DUI 4+ Treatment and other services? Contact us today to start your treatment plan and court mandated treatment.


Jail Based

Is someone you know currently in Jefferson or Boulder County jail? Would you like to learn more about the programs we offer or suggest a referral?


Careers / Employment

BTS staff are passionate about the work that they do. We want people that care deeply for our clients, believe intensely in our mission, and are drawn to work in mental health, addiction and criminal justice.

BTS is committed to employing and retaining quality clinical staff. Our staff is primarily made up of master's level clinicians, but also has positions for CAC level counselors and clinical case managers. BTS places high priority on staff self-care, training and development, community, and quality client care.  


Interested in working for BTS? Check out our current employment opportunities below, and contact us with questions you may have regarding working for BTS!

To see a complete list of our current open positions, please follow the attached link:​



BTS offers clinical internships for MA counseling and MSW candidates. We offer internships to highlight clinical training, knowledge, and growth as well as to prepare our interns for transition to employment in the mental health/substance abuse/criminal justice field. As a criminal justice clinical setting, we provide our students with a unique opportunity to experience agency and non-profit work.

All applicants must be:
MA/MSW level graduate students, be willing to commit to one year, and able to work with clients at your assigned location(s). Our offices are conveniently located near bus routes.​


To be considered for an internship at BTS, please submit an Internship Application using the link below with your resume. Resumes can be uploaded to the application or emailed to




"I started treatment at BTS as a very angry individual. I had little faith in the therapy process due to past experiences. However, as time went on, that outlook changed. My treatment started with required group sessions that really allowed me to move past my anger and start looking deep into my inner thoughts and beliefs. Once my group sessions ended, I chose to continue with individual sessions at BTS because of the connection that I developed with my therapist/counselor. I never in the past felt like the therapists I saw cared about me or took the time to relate to me or my story and that outlook finally changed with BTS. I am forever grateful for the sessions that I had at BTS for the two years that I did. They forever changed my life!"

- Caley, Golden Outpatient

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