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An ideal intern candidate for BTS:

  • Appreciates a balance of structure and flexibility in schedule, and a balance of team spirit and ability to work independently,

  • Has a strong sense of personal intiative and ownership over their learning,

  • Is looking to push learning edges while being absolutely willing to ask for support and guidance,

  • Has a strong interest in the field of criminal justice and addictions,

  • Carries professionalism and maturity in support of working with complexity, feedback, and follow through while also able to drop into the heart center of our work and the humanness involved in helping others.


Internships at BTS include (dependent on the site):

  • Individual therapy with adults, with some potential to work with adolescents at certain sites,

  • Group co-facilitation / facilitation

  • Intake and assessment skill development

  • Individual and Group Supervision

  • Trainings / All Staff Meetings​

Internship Application
What setting are you applying for? (Please select all that you would like to be considered for*)
What location are you applying for? (Please select all that apply*)

Thanks for submitting! Your application has been forwarded to our internship team. If a position is available in your requested area and modality, we will contact you ASAP.

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