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About BTS

As a nonprofit, our mission, vision, and values are important. These values guide our strategic decisions, structure our day to day operations, and exemplify our services. Our mission statement was determined and evaluated based on our role in the community, our focus and priorities on client care, and our commitment to serving justice-involved persons through a variety of programming options.



Providing accessible, integrated, and inclusive behavioral health services supporting clients throughout the criminal justice system.


Communities without recidivism, trauma, and addiction.

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Our values govern how we conduct ourselves in the pursuit of our vision and mission. You are integral in implementing our mission through applying our values in your daily actions.



  • Respect

    • Acknowledge the dignity of every individual

    • Demonstrate cultural awareness

  • Integrity

    • Demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness with clients, the community and each other

    • Act in an ethical manner

  • Service

    • Delivery of courteous, quality customer service

    • Fair and consistent with policy accordance

    • Provide the information necessary for all to do their jobs

    • Communicate effectively at all levels

  • Empathy

    • Recognize the lived experience of others

    • Interact with people where they are at in the moment

    • Trauma informed

  • Understanding

    • Desire for ongoing learning

    • Actively listening and learning roles of others

    • Seek to understand and to be understood

  • Professionalism

    • Support and provide staff with comprehensive training and tools

    • Display highest level of service delivery

    • Demonstrate and embody the mission and values

    • Adhere to policy and procedures

    • Effectively address and resolve conflicts

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