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Intake Packet

To download and complete an Intake Packet, please request the page password from the front desk and then click the link to download the packet. Please bring your intake packet to your first appointment:


How to Get the Most of Therapy

Take responsibility for your treatment and your group. It's your group, so if it is not moving in the direction you want, say something.

  • Respect what others have to say and keep it confidential. What is said in group stays in group.

  • Participate actively. You will make more progress if  you  get  actively  involved  in the group discussions.

  • Make the group part of your life. Don't think of group as something that happens once a week and then forget about what you have learned in between. Between group sessions, see if you can apply what you are learning in group and take the results of your experiments back to group.

  • Be as honest and open as you are able in group. It allows other group members to get to know who you really are.

  • Speak in the first person using “I statements,” especially when giving feedback.

  • Practice asking for feedback when you need it.

  • Remember that how you talk is as important as what you say, including not speaking over other people.

  • Practice active, attentive listening.

  • Don't give advice and suggestions; don't try to solve other member's problems for them; and, don't blame or judge others.